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Welcome to my website of Oxford United Programmes.

I originally started to do a website in 2020 during Covid to try and fill some time, I gave up after a couple of months and now here I am again.

All the scans on the site are of programmes/teamsheets from my own collection. At the moment I'm only interested in anything Oxford United from 1960 to present day, I haven't got round to starting on Headington United yet.

I have tried to keep the site as easy and basic as possible, so I have broken every season down into League, Cup, Testimonial, Friendlies, Reserves and Youth. I have tried to include every game that I know of, this includes any games that have been postponed, cancelled or moved for various reasons and where possible I've put an explanation as to why the game was postponed, cancelled or moved.

Within the different sections you will see either an image of the programme/teamsheet if I have the programme in my collection, a question mark as a sign that I'm unsure if anything was issue for the game or a wanted poster which means that I'm fairly certain something was issued for the game and I don't have a copy in my collection.

I have had help from various other people and websites to compile a list, too many to mention but Memorox and Oxprogs were a big help over the years.

I will try to update the site as often as possible, I currently have around 4800 programmes/teamsheets in my collection

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